Color vs Black and White

TThis past weekend at my local photography club meeting it was suggested to me that the pop of color in this photo was distracting.  I enjoy the lush greens that the Fujicolor Industrial 100 produces but I thought I would try converting the image to black and white to see if there was a noticeable difference in which version I would prefer.

For this photograph, I think both versions work for me, and if I was forced to choose which one I liked the most, I still think I would choose the color version. The black and white version is great, but I'm still digging the lush greens of the Fujicolor Industrial.

If you were choosing one of these to keep, which one would you choose?



Kodak MAX 400 | Canon Canonet QL17 GIII

Kodak MAX 400 | Canon Canonet QL17 GIII

Lately, I've been thinking about going on a minimalist binge by purging all of the crap that I have in my life. When I think about going minimal, it isn't about having no possessions in my life; it's more about having fewer and better possessions.

For example, if you own ten pairs of shoes but only find yourself wearing one or two them, perhaps it's time to consider letting go of the other either pairs that you never use. The same could be said for camera gear and photographic equipment. Instead of owning five cameras, try to stick to one camera, one lens, and one film stock for a month to see what happens.

When it comes to your work, share and publish only your best photographs. Another thing to focus on is getting your shots right in camera so that they need very few edits before you post them. Don't spend hours editing your work. You know what they say; sometimes less is more.

My focus right now is to apply the "less is better" philosophy to all aspects of my life by stripping down my possessions to only the items that I use most. Strip yourself down to the essentials, but make sure that it adds happiness and value to your life.

If you're interested in learning more about simplifying your life, I suggest that you read Leo Babauta's blog, Zen Habits.

Minimalism in art isn't just about the end product. It is also about the process.


Photo Books

Lartigue: Life in Color (Hardcover)

I’ve recently started collecting photo books and I thought that I would start recommending them to people here on Facebook.  The first book is Lartigue: Life in Color. Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894–1986) was the best-known “amateur” in the history of photography, famously discovered by the art world and given an exhibi­tion at MoMA in New York when he was in his late sixties. He began by recording the pastimes and customs of his wealthy Parisian milieu, indulging his fascination with sports and aviation, and throughout his long life he was never without his camera. His friendships extended to the superstars of French culture, but he also made thousands of photographs of his family, wives, and lovers. His work was irresistibly warm and engaging. 

Although known for his black-and-white work, Lartigue loved color film, experimenting with the Autochrome process in the teens and twenties and embracing Ektachrome in the late 1940s. His color work, reproduced here for the first time, is astonishingly fresh: the French countryside, the women in his life, famous friends (Picasso, Fellini), and glimpses from his travels all come alive in this delightful book.

Purchase link: (affiliate link)

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase a copy for yourself.

Community Darkroom

Starting a Community Darkroom Part 3: Questions and Answers

In this post, I will try to answer some of the questions that have been posted after two previous posts. I'm also transferring using "I" to "we" in this post since I am not doing this alone, there are other people involved, I just happen to have the time to blog about it. To catch up on the previous posts, click here.

Why a darkroom? Isn't digital the shit right now?

There is a growing movement of people who are interested in getting back into making things with their hands and photography is not immune to this effect. Digital is great if you like digital, however, some of us feel that we need to continue the traditions of photography into the digital age.  Would you rather own an Ansel Adams print that he touched with his hands, that was crafted in the darkroom or would you rather own an inkjet print of one? We think the answer is clear. 

Now, with that said. I am sure that we will have something digital oriented as well.  We're not Luddites and we understand the landscape of the world that we live in.

Why a gallery space?

The simple answer is that we feel that it would be cool to have a new, perhaps younger-focused, gallery space in town. It would also be photography centered, which is the whole point of the project and right now, The Corner Gallery is the only gallery space in Ukiah outside of local businesses and coffee shops who offer their walls to artists to use on a month to month basis. Also, the Corner Gallery is actually kind of expensive to show work there for a non-member artist and the space they give you is extremely limited.

Here, take my stuff!

We want your stuff, we really do.  But, right now this is only a working idea, and we're still trying to figure out all of the details.  I'm sure you can imagine that a project like this will need lots of planning, we want to be as transparent as possible, so that is why I started blogging about it. 

For now, if you have darkroom equipment or anything else that you want to pass our way, the best thing would be to do would be to send an email to me at, and I'll get back to you when we are closer to making this a reality.