Medium Format Photography

Moving Forward with Medium Format


About a year and a half ago I picked up a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Medium Format camera on eBay for a song. In the time that I have owned it, I've run less than five rolls of film through it and its been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for the past few months.

My current kit includes the RZ67 Pro II body with a waist level viewfinder and one 6x7 film back. As far as lenses go, I own the Mamiya Sekor Z 50mm f/4.5 W and the Mamiya Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8 W. I also own a battery operated motor drive for the camera but have never used it and will probably list it for sale on eBay soon.

The kit listed above will work just fine for what I have in mind. However, there are a few things that I do want to pick up shortly. For starters, I want to pick up another 6x7 film back so that I can always have one loaded with black and white film and the other filled with color. I also want to pick up a 6x6 back to have in my bag.  I don't always like shooting square, but I think I would like to have on around just in case I get the urge.

The two lenses I have are excellent in most situations I see myself using this camera in. However, I think I'd like to add a longer lens to my kit. I haven't spent any time looking into this but will definitely make a post when I figure out which lenses to pick up next. 

Aside from whats listed above, I want to pick up some filters, a spot meter, and a more significant, more sturdy, tripod and a pelican case to put everything into. I'd also like to get another backpack to use with the kit when I'm out walking around making photographs.

The last roll of film that was put through the camera sits on my desk undeveloped. Inside the film back is a roll of Fuji Acros 100 that I will shoot this evening and then mail the two rolls over to the Darkroom tomorrow to be developed and scanned.  With summer is coming to an end, now is the right time to put this kit to good use.